VPN Ethernet

Safety, above all

Using our circuits or third partie’s, we base VPN links on Ethernet: We link delegations with the central, data centers with teleworkers and between data centers.

Establishing security at a telecom operator level offers a higher level of security, while speeding up network traffic since the encryption is performed at the base of network electronics equipment, using specific IPSEC accelerator hardware.

If the option of hiring space in Datacenter (colocation) is used, all communications between central servers (virtualized or in the form of “bare metal”) and delegations can be secured through this service, offering an extra layer of protection at the communications

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By using multiple technologies and protocols, we respond to the connection needs of the global world.

Data Center

Security and reliability in access and communications, with servers always operational.

Pop-up Events

Anything that needs interaction with the digital world and real-time control goes through our networks.

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