Radio frequency

Fast and reliable deployments

Radio frequency technology allows us to reach places where there is no other type of connection availability. We work both in ISM bands (5GHz, 24GHz, 60GHz), as well as on licensed bands (between 6 and 38GHz, 71-76GHZ and 81-86GHz), offering solutions from 50Mb and up to 10Gb full duplex, with no channel aggregation.

Radio-frequency based solutions are also a very good answer to the need for secondary lines as backup: we establish high-capacity links using a totally different technology than fiber optics.

Only defining which is the initial and final points of the radio link, our engineering department will take care of the rest: it will establish the viability, determine the type of technology to use and offer a range of possibilities based on the investment cost, the capacity to offer and the cost €/Mb in air.

In those locations within the coverage range of some of our points of presence, we offer the option of connecting up to our link, which has a direct connection to our Datacenters.

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By using multiple technologies and protocols, we respond to the connection needs of the global world.

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