Research, Development and Implementation

Innovació Local began working in 2004 as a result of the union of diverse professionals related to new technologies and telecommunications.

From the beginning, the main goal of the company was the creation of its own telecommunications infrastructure to be able to offer telecom services to residential customers, companies and public administration, being pioneers in this field in the distribution of wireless signal in rural environments with lack of telephone coverage.
The logical evolution of the company within the field of telecommunications has led us to grow to offer experience in the design, management and execution of large technological infrastructures, being specialized in networks and data services. This has meant that, while we continue to invest in the deployment of infrastructures, we have also done so in our datacenter with our own racks and servers to meet the needs of our clients.
Opening of new markets, creation of new lines of business and collaboration with diverse people and companies has made us grow within a collaborative ecosystem, in which the specialization of each of our divisions has allowed us to advance and establish ourselves as a reference within our sectors.

"Step by step, the path is made"_ popular saying


Establishment date of the company. «Innova», for those who know us



Registration in the CMT Operators Registry (Spanish Telecommunications Market Commission)


Completion of the construction of the Xarxa Berguedana, with a coverage of 145,000 m2 and a population of less than 4,000 people. The initial speed ?: 512Kb!!!



Project stabilization and collaboration with similar initiatives throughout the territory


Creation of a line of work for school networks to provide connectivity and security solutions to primary and secondary schools



First pop-up experience: Sigcomm Barcelona


We fully enter the events business: Our own infrastructure and technological experience allow us to once again be pioneers in another emerging market



We become part of ATIC Grup, a hub of companies that collaborate in synergy, contributing knowledge and experience to each other


First spin-off: Laboratori d'Innovacions Globals ("Global" for us). Specialized in events and with technological capacity to develop its own business lines



Together with other related companies, we create a new business dedicated to the commercialization of our products: DINACLOUD, specialized in services "in the cloud" for medium-sized companies and large corporations


Like for all telecom service providers, the special circumstances of this year make it a period of high activity on the Internet: We doubled the traffic consumed and increased our capacity during the Covid-19 period



Relaunch of all services, with special emphasis on interconnections between Datacenters and deployment in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona